About me

I am a Japanese web developer and live in Japan.
I’m interested in Javascript, Golang, Vim, and Docker.


  • B.A. Sociology, Toyo university in 2011.


  • Certificated Scrum Master in 2016
  • Certificated Scrum Product Owner in 2016

Work Experiences


2015 - Present, Recruit Sumai Company Ltd.

Recruit Sumai Company provides matching sites for Real Estate Industry. I work for some sites and projects as a Tech Lead. Also I manage about an architecture from Frontend to Backend and Infrastructure each of those.

As a Tech Lead

  • Collect Issue and postulate and build up teams to focus shipment at bootstrap or enhancement.
  • Prevent engineers from overload about tasks or business requirements, instead consider or design another means to solve it.
  • I build up a team to focus a product or KPIs.

As an Engineer

  • Use NodeJS, Babel(for es2015,2016), Webpack, several HTML5APIs, jQuery and VDOM Frameworks(React, VueJS, Mithril).
  • Use Golang to create CLI tools, build web servers for RestfulAPI by Gin, Echo, or naked net/http.
  • Designing around systems to use IaaS like AWS, and select some tools for orchestration to Terraform, Packer, and Docker.

2011 - 2015, Cybridge inc.

Cybridge create some systems or sites for their business clients by one-stop.

As an Engineer

I worked as an Engineer or Manager to ship systems with every effort, and built some systems base of LAMP. My experienced skill-sets are;

  • CentOS/Ubuntu, Ansible, Docker
  • MySQL, Postgres, Apache, Nginx, Postfix
  • PHP, Javascript(jQuery)

As a Manager

  • I work as a Program Manager in the small team, manage eight or ten engineers to support themselves and their projects.

More Informations


Personal Products


A E2E testing framework.
You can write test code as YAML format easily and right well.

React Minimal Boilerplate

A minimal boilerplate to use ReactJS, Babel, Webpack, ESlint, Browser-Sync and other.

Quick Custom GSearch

It’s a Chrome Extension. Quick change searching period in Google.